Donate today!

Our vision is to provide resources to those with KdVS to ensure their caregivers do not face undue stress brought on by the financial strain of caring for a Kool Kid.  We want all Kool Kids to have access to the resources they need to live a long, healthy, and active life.

Your donation could help pay for the following items/services:

            •          iPads for Augmentative

                        and Alternative 


                        (AAC) devices

            •          Hearing aids

            •          Spio suits

            •          Walkers

            •          Weighted blankets

            •          Music therapy/ music classes

            •          Aquatic therapy / swim lessons

            •          Hippo-therapy

            •          Eyeglasses/ vision therapy

            •          Seizure/therapy dogs

            •          Epilepsy monitors

            •          Adaptive bicycles

            •          Feeding tube supplies