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As the president and co-founder of Kool Kid Alliance™, Ted’s experience as a business owner and executive of sales and training for Fortune 500 companies has given him a strong skill set to create this organization which advocates for children with Koolen-de Vries Syndrome and their families. Because he spent most of his childhood in the foster care system without an advocate watching out for his needs, Ted today has a personal commitment to champion underserved and disadvantaged children. He has also worked as a swim instructor for special needs children and as a counselor for foster children at various group homes.

Austin was the first Kool Kid Ted met while dating Stephanie, now his wife. Austin and Ted have grown very close now that Austin is his son. Ted and Stephanie work together to help Austin every step of the way. Ted fell in love with all of the Kool Kids at the first gathering and realized he wanted to support them and their families. He often says that he has been “enriched by meeting these loving and wonderful children”. To help parents and caregivers deal with the emotional challenges of raising a Kool Kid, he and Stephanie started a Facebook group called KDVS Support Group Raw, which is a safe place where parents can talk, vent, cry, laugh, and support each other.

Ted Needham, President/CEO

The Alliance Team

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